I like to think the alternate title to this video is "spring shoulders." I imagine most* of you can relate with this phenomenon, it goes something like this: 

In the not so distant future an unseasonably warm spring day will be upon us. We'll start to dig deep in drawers for those tucked away tank tops of summers gone by...we'll pull them on and then...then...we'll become overwhelmed by the sensation of hair brushing our winter white shoulders for the first time in months. Unnecessary hair swishing will follow, and just like that our shoulders have been knighted by the tips of our hair. 

spring shoulders.

*for those of you with hair of the short variety sorry this does not apply. But, I am sure you could go on about warm wind flirting with the nape of your neck - an enviable sensation all it's own to be sure.

video: Tiger in a Jar 
model: Quirine at NEXT PARIS
styling: Ana Li Mraovitch
hair: Rubi Jones
makeup: Khela Tyson

(no.1 and no.2)