If you pick certain foods, they are bound to have a beautiful backstory. To think about where your food comes from is one thing, but to know the story of the person passionate enough to change their lifestyle in order to produce that food? That is priceless insight into what is on your plate.

This film was brought to life with our good friends Marjorie and Kendall from The Cook's Atelier in Beaune, France. As we left Yan's place after filming this piece, driving through fog that revealed only a  hint of the road ahead, we reveled in what we had seen and felt. There is clarity in seeing someone live their life so completely whole and in keeping with what they value. We have been eager since then to share this story, and also the feelings that we hope come along with it.


I like to think the alternate title to this video is "spring shoulders." I imagine most* of you can relate with this phenomenon, it goes something like this: 

In the not so distant future an unseasonably warm spring day will be upon us. We'll start to dig deep in drawers for those tucked away tank tops of summers gone by...we'll pull them on and then...then...we'll become overwhelmed by the sensation of hair brushing our winter white shoulders for the first time in months. Unnecessary hair swishing will follow, and just like that our shoulders have been knighted by the tips of our hair. 

spring shoulders.

*for those of you with hair of the short variety sorry this does not apply. But, I am sure you could go on about warm wind flirting with the nape of your neck - an enviable sensation all it's own to be sure.

video: Tiger in a Jar 
model: Quirine at NEXT PARIS
styling: Ana Li Mraovitch
hair: Rubi Jones
makeup: Khela Tyson

(no.1 and no.2)


It is shocking how much time we have been spending in the kitchen lately. Really, quite shocking. Which does not have much to do with the rest of this post, except to say if we start talking in recipe format, please forgive us. (Also, the pictures - it's like we have a baby that we keep taking pictures of, only our baby is food.)

What we wanted to dust our floured hands off for is to announce a videography workshop that we have coming up this August in Vermont. We couldn't be more excited about what is going to happen in those few days. We will be working with Ryan Marshall (check out his latest film, it is unbelievable) and Mike Martinez, a top-notch editor, to teach photographers how to make the transition to motion pictures. Nadia was so gracious to put this all together and has us staying at Naulakha - Rudyard Kipling's stunning home. 

What I imagine (and cross my fingers for) are those moments to happen that will make you understand why you came. Watching sparks trail off of a bonfire after a day of immersing yourself in creative pursuits and feeling like you opened your eyes a bit more to the world. I am eager to find myself there in that moment. 

(photo by Nadia Dole)

Aaaand now back to the kitchen. If you want to follow along with our cooking escapades, and general tiaj happenings, feel free to link up with us on instagram, @tigerinajar. 


It is crazy to think how long ago this trip was, but when we watch the films we shot during our time in China it seems like we are just about to sit down to a delicious bowl of cut noodles, chopsticks in (novice) hand. 

We haven't talked much about this trip and I think it boils down to a few reasons - the main one being Matteo, the band we traveled with, was waiting to release the films until now. There are other reasons for the silence, but the next film/song release will do a perfect job of explaining why. For now just know that we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have been included on such a journey as this. It was 100% enhanced by the fact that while we were being inspired to film what we saw, Matteo was inspired to write songs. We give them a film of the time spent there, they give us a soundtrack. Win/win. 




This girl is pure magic. I have never met someone who so easily conjures up characters, made-up worlds, and whimsy - all the while making you the most delicious lunch you have ever eaten. Her talent truly seeps into every aspect of her life. We feel very lucky to call her a friend, and love that it all started with a chance meeting on the street, can you imagine our luck?!

Also, she rocks the pixie cut like no one I have ever seen - our own modern day Jean Seburg.


We need to start a series called, "What we shoot when we are not shooting food". We find it can really take people by surprise when the subjects of our films are not always cups of flour and sprinklings of salt. Just know, the same fascination we have with the beautiful process of cooking can easily be transferred to hair blowing in the wind on a Parisian rooftop. Maybe you can see it too?

Again, thanks to Rubi and the talented crew that made this happen - we feel like all those talented parts made a pretty good whole.   

photos by the talented Valerie Dray


Our first video release of 2013, which seems serendipitous since our first film from last year was also a collaboration with Rubi. For this shoot she gathered together a wonderful crew of talented people, and we watched with amazement as everyone did their part so well to make this come together. (Not listed but so helpful was Valerie Dray, who did a fantastic job translating for us and will no doubt have a lovely collection of images from this shoot.)

We realized after shooting these videos (yes, there are more to come!) that collaborating is the best way to encourage creativity and open your mind to new ideas, and also the quickest way to make you feel like you are back in college working on a group project - only imagine this time all the people in your group want to be there. Enjoy!