new friends

We have had some happy chatter going on over here at TIAJ this week! We have connected with so many wonderful people and feel blessed for all the encouraging words we have received.

Here are some of the conversations overheard in the production studio:

"....and then for the nice things people have said, we can give them all a chocolate chip!"

"Do you really think they will visit again? I was really hoping to show them what I have in my backyard!"

"Darling, I don't know why they had to bite your cake. That's what you get for looking so tasty!"


  1. Oh these are great! They totally made me laugh.

  2. I have watched all of your posted videos in the last two days. They are so peaceful and happy! I even showed the cupcake video to my fourth grade class to inspire them to be creative. Thank you so much. Sending them on to my friend who is on bed rest with triplets on the way!

  3. :-)
    I love your videos- they are so creative, full with wonderful atmosphere, great music and excellent(and much appreciated)sense of humor!