gaiety guaranteed

While thrifting over the weekend, Julie found a most amazing little book which contains some of the best party ideas we have ever heard of.

Some of our favorites include titles such as Hitch Your Wagon to a Star which revolves around horoscopes and futures and includes a game called Destiny Quiz.

Who wouldn't love a party based on the late 1800's? This party comes complete with cut out handlebar mustaches and stiff white collars "which will add distinction, if not comfort" as well as a "lousy play in one act" called Little Nell.

Some of the images are pretty fantastic as well.

This discovery should yield some pretty fantastic parties. So stay tuned, we will be throwing a party from this book post haste and we can't wait to share some of these ideas!


  1. what a fantastic find - can't wait to see what you two come up with!

  2. Holy cow - that book is the cat's pajamas! Looking forward to seeing some party photos!