It is shocking how much time we have been spending in the kitchen lately. Really, quite shocking. Which does not have much to do with the rest of this post, except to say if we start talking in recipe format, please forgive us. (Also, the pictures - it's like we have a baby that we keep taking pictures of, only our baby is food.)

What we wanted to dust our floured hands off for is to announce a videography workshop that we have coming up this August in Vermont. We couldn't be more excited about what is going to happen in those few days. We will be working with Ryan Marshall (check out his latest film, it is unbelievable) and Mike Martinez, a top-notch editor, to teach photographers how to make the transition to motion pictures. Nadia was so gracious to put this all together and has us staying at Naulakha - Rudyard Kipling's stunning home. 

What I imagine (and cross my fingers for) are those moments to happen that will make you understand why you came. Watching sparks trail off of a bonfire after a day of immersing yourself in creative pursuits and feeling like you opened your eyes a bit more to the world. I am eager to find myself there in that moment. 

(photo by Nadia Dole)

Aaaand now back to the kitchen. If you want to follow along with our cooking escapades, and general tiaj happenings, feel free to link up with us on instagram, @tigerinajar. 


  1. Oh, how wonderful! And never apologize for taking too many instagrams of food...