Last week I snuck away to Denver to spend some time with my sister and her little family. Few things make me more happy than spending time with these people. It is inexplicable how much it means to drive around town with a sister you shared a room with growing up; both of you sipping your respective cokes and talking in similarities that only sisters can manage.

This was followed by a joy that can in fact compare to this magical sister moment; coming home to this door, festooned with boughs, and knowing that the festooner waits inside for me.


  1. wonderful... i have a sister over too (a bit stressed though since she´s working on her thesis) and an other one comes on the weekend - i SO know what you´re talking about!

    have a lovely christmas time!

  2. Talks about my sisters makes me feel nostalgic for mine too. Silly laughs and memories. Happy new year to your and your family. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  3. LOVE THIS! Jesse is a creative & detailer in so many ways...but I do wish he would do little surprises like this to our home. :) how fun!