to China

This project is not like any we have done before. We actually consider it more of an adventure than a job-an adventure that happens to come with its own chinese-infused soundtrack. We look forward to long van drives through China with the band as we seek out places to play; wind in hair, instruments in hand, and spontaneous songs aplenty. Magic.

If this project interests you please visit our kickstarter page to learn more about it. There are some very generous backer rewards if you choose to donate; the cover of your favorite song being my choice - check out their version of one of my favorite songs here.

As always, many thanks for supporting us, our appreciation runs deep.


  1. AWESOME. i love filming kick starter projects. good work, you two. i hope they make it to chiner!!! china is the best country with golden people. soo fun.

  2. what a lovely collaboration, what wonderful light and space to film in.