Last month we spent a few days out in Florida working on a few promotional films for Onblonde (previously featured here), run by an amazing young couple who are full to the brim with inspiration. They have the most beautiful pet spa and shop, but what really blew us away was their farm tucked away from the city, where they board and train dogs. We ate unbelievable meals there every day, mostly picked fresh from their garden. We woke up to birds chirping and a constant breeze through the curtains, not to mention we were constantly surrounded by the most lovable pack of dogs. We felt like we were in heaven!

We hope our films convey even just a hint of how it felt to be in such a beautiful and inspiring environment. We also wouldn't mind feeling a bit of that Florida sun again too!


  1. beautiful, especially when the dog started eating the bubbles :P :))
    -jocee <3

  2. i want a baby cocker spaniel now. my sis has one, but he is an old man. what a FUN project and GREAT work! i'm excited for you guys. now we just need to get going on some paid work, too! how fun is that!?

  3. and seriously? i love dogs. LOVE.

    fav shots - the last shot when the light turns on (or is it off)
    the dogs jumping over the log
    the slowmo shake - i can just smell the wet dog, literally

    so cool!

  4. I am not really into dogs, but i have to say, your video is amazing ! This is such a good job !

  5. these are beautiful! the videos are awesome. this makes me really miss Kinfolk!

  6. Your videos absolutely amaze me. Such talent in filming and putting them together!! Very happy I came across your blog. :-)

  7. What's the song in the onblonde video? I love it