Quite a bit of our time is spent looking for songs to go along with our videos, and I must admit there is something fantastic about having to look up good music all day. Admittedly, there would be something more satisfying about these finds if it involved going to an actual music store and pushing through stacks of music, but bless technology I suppose for saving us lots of time...

These are a few I found recently that I keep finding myself going back to.


  1. Of Oceans - In love!!!!! On repeat for the past hour! Thank you!

  2. Of Oceans is my favorite. loved all these :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. that last song is incredible!! off to download!

  4. vi seus filmes no Vimeo... Love! fiquei muito fã! Parabéns! sucesso!aquele de bolo de beterrabas...

  5. What an enviable job you have on your hands! :)

    In Love - Not Limbo is fantastic. Reminds me of travelling in Rarotonga and finding a little place for a drink called Sails. Ended up spending many an afternoon/evening listening to their playlist of this style of music while relaxing a few feet from the ocean soaking up the wonderful ambiance.

    There's a series of CDs we picked up after that trip called Cafe del Mar - if you've heard of it, I hope you've enjoyed it. If not, you'll find some similar sounds and enticing tracks.

  6. All your music is great! I'm curious, do you have to pay to use it, or since you're not selling a product it's okay?