our space

The words "home" and "office" apply to the same space for us. While we are filming you could also throw in "production studio", which in the end makes for a rather mish mash collection of decor. It leaves fancy pillows meeting first class mail and important papers tucked in amongst our china and glassware. We like to think of it as one big happy mess.


  1. We've just discovered your videos and we LOVE them!! Congrats foro your work! You're awesome!

  2. and an interesting mess, which i love.

  3. you two are fantastic. SO talented. i just saw one of your videos for the first time this week and am so glad i did! so.... hello & nice to meet you. ;)

    i work from home too, so i know exaaaactly what you mean about worlds colliding. sometimes i wonder why a cleaning crew doesn't come at night to clean my office... what's that all about??