sweet inspiration

When making movies about things that don't necessarily happen in real life, like dinosaurs working as lumberjacks and cupcakes decorating themselves, you need inspiration from places where those type of things exist everyday - the archives of Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies.

As a kid my brother and I memorized the entire "Skeleton Dance" and performed it frequently for my parents. Our interpretation of the "squiggly" part was one to behold, and might be on home video somewhere.... Julie recently came across one of our new favorites, "The Cookie Carnival" The gingerbread man's make-over for the cookie princess is a pretty fantastic scene and will probably inspire some new ideas for upcoming movies.

So if you ever need a creative way to fold your sheets or put away the dishes, might we recommend Silly Symphonies?


  1. on repeat at our house, as you can imagine. i love a good cinderella story - especially when paired with treats galore! you MUST get ahold of that home video.

  2. :))haha, the greatest thing to watch in the last ten minutes before leaving the office. Thanks!