much love

Regardless of whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not this year (spring, you can't come soon enough!), Groundhog day has been good to us. We were fortunate enough to be featured on not one, but two blogs today for our videos.
Arbiters of wit?! Oh Kate, lets be friends.
Thanks Design*Sponge for letting us join your endlessly inspiring blog!

We also had Stanton and Rubi's wedding video featured on Wedding Chicks. We know there are others of you out there who, like us, want something a little different for their video. Contact us if that person is you!


  1. I love it!! I love the circus graphics you used! Mind if I ask where they are from? So sweet!

  2. the weirdest thing ever- i just posted your video on my blog this morning cuz i loved it so much, then my mom (NOT at all in the blog scene) calls me today saying she contacted you for our wedding because you make such incredible things!
    FATE, i tell ya....

  3. Ashley-wowza! That is just too crazy. That is fate indeed!

  4. A big thanks to Design Sponge for introducing me to your blog! BIG UPS!

  5. After a very long day I really enjoyed your Valentine movie and the idea of an upside down cupcake - simply beautiful. You made me happy.
    p.s. found your art movie at Design *Sponge

  6. What a cute video. I saw it on Design Sponge
    It makes me so happy :)

  7. This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen! I love it!

  8. you are so amazingly talented! i am very impressed - love the creativity.

  9. Mrs. Lee - The circus art came from here:


    Thanks everyone for your kind words, they mean a lot!