I think for most of us, home movies can be an instant remedy for anything that brings us down. The memories recorded on film remind of us of our bad haircuts, our amazing styles and the people we may have wanted to become.

In the last trip to my Grandparents house I brought along my new camera to get practice and to record some of the things about their house that I really want to remember when that house is gone. The creaky concrete stairway, the fog rolling over the green hills early in the morning and the mossy forest behind the house where many adventures still lay in wait. Not to mention to capture a little bit of my Grandparents personality for a reminder of what I love about them.

So, if you get a minute, tie a towel around your neck for a cape and think about the things or people that inspired you once upon a time. Then grab the camera and document it, you'll thank yourself later.


  1. i love this so much, matt - simply beautiful. {and now i know from whence you get your taste for fabulous little toys.}

  2. Nothing you don't already know but this is one of my particular favorite gems from your craft. Thought i should put it in writing. Matt, this is fantastic!!

  3. Adriana-We use a Canon 5D and 7D.