this old house

When I was young one of my favorite things to do when we would visit my Grandmother's house was to explore her basement. There were so many mysteries to discover and fears to face. (like the giant poster of Mark Spitz and his 7 gold medals) When Julie and I were married we had the chance to move into the coveted "basement apartment", just down the hall of all the rooms of mystery, so of course, we took it.

With permission from the family, Julie and I spend time cleaning parts of the house and discover some amazing treasures. Our favorite is finding old boxes and perusing the contents, sometimes of which we find vintage toys, tools, books and more. The house is filled with a wealth of treasures including some that are over a hundred years old.

Here are some of our recent finds......


  1. you two live in such the treasure trove! i love it when you share the unearthed gems. lovely photos matt.

  2. These are lovely photos of beautiful old items! Lucky! I had a sock horse toy when I was wee and I "rode" it so much my mom had to make a new head for it. I think this horsie was loved just as much!